Bastl Instruments Teases Something About Pizza

Meanwhile in the Czech Republic – the goofy minds at Bastl Instruments are teasing a new product, which may be a modular product but knowing them, could be a module and a pizza restaurant. To see:

Today is probably the highlight – an Anonymous-style “hacked” takeover of Bastl’s YouTube channel, complete with a “pizza isn’t what you think it is” live chat:

I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking “all your pizzas belong to us”.

Now hmmm….

There is more.

Although, honestly, I’m more on the bramborovy salat team. (We can all agree on mostly unshaven Geordi, though.)

Regular readers of this site will instantly see the natural connection between CDM and Bastl – namely, becoming obsessed with jokes and taking them too far and getting distracted from other work.

Anyway, I’m sure whatever it is, it will happen soon:

Just watch out for the spicy pizza. It is a sign of the decadence of the West and the decline of the American Empire that our rulers can no longer eat the jalapeño. I’m totally serial you guys.

I mainly wrote this post for Nadia Struiwigh.

Anyway, personally, I don’t buy any of that. All about it (turn it up – the salad prep music is epic). Everyone is watching this so the recipe site might get confused as to what CDM is and why it got so many views.

50g celery
50g petrzele
100g milk
600 g vařených brambor
2 kysele okurky
1 menší spring onion
2 vařená vejce
sůl, pepř
100 ml majonezy
1 lžíce plnotučné hořčice
2 lžíce kyselého láku z okurek
2 lžíce sterilovaného hrášku bez šťávy

Klasický bramborový salát recept

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