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Emma in love.

the Czech and Slovak Film Festival returns to Sydney this year for its 9and presentation. For five days, the festival will screen 11 films of the highest quality and nine short films produced in these countries.

COVID-19 restrictions have had devastating effects on film industries around the world, but festival director Ika de Detrich is confident things will get better.

“COVID-19 has had a negative impact on the amount of films produced. That’s why we don’t have as many movies as we would like this year. But with the easing of restrictions in both countries [Czech Republic & Slovakia] we can see production picking up quickly, which is good news because we can bring a lot more movies next year.

Czech animated works have won numerous awards at film festivals and, as a bonus, most films screened will include an animated short.

A relevant film that should be of interest to festival-goers is caught in the net, the Australian premiere and award-winning documentary by Vit Klusak and Barbara Chalupova.

“This documentary exposes the insidious tactics of online sexual predators and shows the reality that children face every day in the online world. The documentary is tense, compelling and at times difficult to watch as the three actresses play 12-year-old girls from casting to face-to-face encounters with predators under the watchful eye of security and hidden cameras.


THE EAR – This is a psychological thriller with great suspense that shows the actions of the upper echelons of the Communist Party in the former Czechoslovakia. The film was shot in a freer atmosphere in the late 1960s but only reached theaters after the fall of communism in 1990.

EMMA IN LOVE – A romance for adults (18+) that realistically and unflinchingly depicts a relationship between two adults born out of a one-night stand with all the consequences of past mistakes.

THE IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEY – This special effects docudrama is an original portrait of Milan Rastislav Štefánik, one of the key figures in the newly formed Czechoslovakia in 1918.

Until April 3. Dendy Newtown Cinema, 261 King St Newtown. $16-20. Tickets and information: www.csfilmfest.

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