Czech Girls’ Choir Kuželovské Zpěvulky unveils second album

The Kuželovské Zpěvulky Girls Choir (Singers of Kuželov) from the Czech Republic released their second album, V Kuželově sú děvčata… jak tá malina (There are girls in Kuželov… Sweet as raspberries) features Horňácko folk songs, y including peasant ballads or verbunks (Recruitment songs) as well as a song from the Strání region.

Kuželovské zpÄ›vulky was formed in 2011, when the girls first performed at the Horňácko Festival in Velká nad Veličkou. They have come a long way since then and after their self-titled debut album, Kuželovské zpÄ›vulky, they have prepared a second album for their tenth anniversary. “We chose the songs together so that the theme was love, explains Klára Halíčková, member of the choir. “IIt is impossible to say who had the whole idea. It came partly from us singers and partly from the musical ensemble which helped us a lot. We took advantage of the fact that the music is played by skillful boys, who also sing beautifully. And I’m talking about both Roman Sokol’s HCE and Marek Potěšil’s HCE. And so we sang these sets of love with them. I would say that these dialogue love songs are not that common in Horňácko and you will not hear them often. And I would take that as an adjustment, otherwise we don’t try to modernize anything and we sing as is the custom in the Horňácko region. “

Today’s KužeÅ‚ovské zpÄ›vulky consists of 9 girls: Klára Halíčková, Erika Kolaciova, Klára Kostelanská, Miroslava Mackova, Magdalena Mičkova, Veronika mičkova, Marie Pomykalova, Adela Sedlářová and Markéta Sedlářová, some of whom started singing together in 2005 at the Kuželov School under the direction of Albita Matulove. Martin Kománek is the artistic director of the choir.

The album also includes the Horňacko Cymbal Ensembles, soloists such as Richard haala and Martin PrachaÅ™, and in particular the Kuželov Men’s Choir.

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