Dying Light 2 OST Uses Instruments Made From Trash In New Techland Short Documentary


Techland has released a new music-focused documentary short for Dying Light 2 Stay Human hosted by iconic French composer and music designer Olivier Derivière. The game’s soundtrack was recorded at Abbey Road Studios with the London Contemporary Orchestra, and other sounds from the horror sequel include some made in interesting and precise ways.

The new short film “Sounds of the Dying City” offers an in-depth look at how the official soundtrack was shaped to reflect the game’s shattered world. Derivière, known for his work on Vampyr, A Plague Tale: Innocence, GreedFall and Remember Me, will deliver its most ambitious soundtrack yet for the follow-up to Dying Light, featuring unique instruments made from everyday waste – such as bicycle wheels or metal pipes.

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Derivière asked his friend, musician and instrument maker Nicolas Bras, to create several pieces that seem to belong to the gritty world of Dying Light 2. Their goal was to achieve a rough, almost broken sound instead of classic clean sounds. These unique instruments can be heard in the game’s main theme, “Run, Jump, Fight”, released last month.

The recording process took place at Abbey Road Studios, one of the UK’s most recognizable sound studios, previously used by The Beatles, Pink Floyd and U2. However, the process has faced many non-standard production challenges due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. To overcome some of these obstacles, the artists for the first time recorded individual sections of the orchestra from a distance, trying to assimilate their usual dynamics as if they were all together in the same space.

After Derivière solidified the tone and instruments, Techland’s sound designers stepped in. Combining their efforts during post-processing, the team created an ever-changing soundtrack that changes to reflect your actions in the game.

Earlier, Techland revealed other famous faces you’ll see in Dying Light 2, including actor David Belle. The sequel will feature systems that you can already expect after playing the original Dying Light, but the studio hopes to create elements of combat and parkour that integrate better than ever.

Following the latest delay, Dying Light 2 Stay Human is now expected on February 4, 2022.

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