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Members of European Metal Festival Alliance (EMFA), have today launched a new ‘Metal United’ t-shirt, with all proceeds going to a recognized charity to help the neediest Ukrainians in their current crisis.

Festivals participating in this fundraiser – Alcatraz Hard Rock and Metal FestivalBelgium; Art Mania FestivalRomania; outdoor bloodstockBritain; Brutal aggressionCzech Republic; Dynamo Metal FestivalHolland; Inferno Metal FestivalNorway; In the graveHolland; Leyendas Del RockSpain; Midgard stainNorway; Cultivator FestivalFrance; Party.San Metal Open AirGermany; resurrection feast, Spain; and Outdoor summer breezeGermany – are all united against war and oppression, and welcome all people, regardless of country of origin, race or religion.

The festivals want to make it clear that they are not for Ukrainians and against Russians; that they want above all to help people in need in these troubled times.

The t-shirt is available in a wide range of sizes at for 16.66 euros, with proceeds going to Music saves UA. It can be pre-ordered until March 20, with shipping beginning in early April.

Vlad Yaremchuk, Booker of the Atlas Weekend Festival, co-initiators of Music saves UAStates: “We are the All-Ukrainian Association of Music Events, in peacetime we are the largest association of representatives of the music industry in our country.

Now normal life in Ukraine has completely stopped. We are therefore using all our resources and personnel to provide humanitarian assistance to our populations who need it most at this time. Our team is working 24/7 to help as many victims of this cruel war as possible.

A humanitarian aid center has already been deployed in the premises of the Atlas site in kyiv. We are also working to set up refugee assistance centers at the borders with Europe to facilitate a safe and robust infrastructure for hundreds of thousands of civilians fleeing the country.

Our entire team is currently located in several cities in Ukraine, and we are in close contact with volunteers, Ukrainian military and humanitarian groups. We are therefore aware of the current urgent needs on the ground and are ready to provide immediate assistance where it is most urgent. need right now.

Therefore, we urgently need financial assistance. For this, we have organized a project to raise funds for the humanitarian needs of civilians in Ukraine.

We encourage you not to remain indifferent and to help Ukrainian families survive this difficult time.



Adam Gregory of Bloodstock Festival on behalf of EMFA Comments, “We are all shocked by recent events and want to do whatever we can to help in these difficult times.

All proceeds from the t-shirt will go to those in need and our hearts go out to anyone affected by war or oppression.

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