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With the 2022 festival season in sight, the industry is poised for a comeback.

As noted by Quartz, the average price of a concert ticket fell from just $ 12 in 1981 to $ 64 in 2017, nearly double the rate of inflation over the same period. In addition, given the sheer volume of artists in the average music festival lineup combined with the higher production budget, the premium per ticket greatly exceeds that of the average show.

In a data-driven exercise, Nice campsite sought to compile a list of “Best Value Festivals” using a separate set of criteria. The company compared the price consumers pay for tickets to a variety of factors, including a combination of a proprietary “Headliner Value” package, the price of a beer, the cost of food and the number of days.

The best music festivals in the world

1. Balaton Sound – Hungary
2. Sziget Festival – Hungary
3. EXIT Festival – Serbia
4. Street Parade – Switzerland
5. Colors of Ostrava – Czech Republic
6. Sunburn – India
7. Rock am Ring – Germany
8. Wanderland Music and Art Festival – Philippines
9. Rock in Rio – Brazil
10. Open’er Festival – Poland

A number of festivals focused on dance music were among the top ten, such as Balaton Sound and Sunburn. The first US festival to make the list, Milwaukee’s Summerfest, climbed to number 11.

EXIT Party.

All of this to say that, as the festival season is in full swing, attendees should be aware of the experiences that will get the most bang for your buck.

You can read the full study of Cool Camping here.

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