Hariharan “loved working” with his son Akshay for the Indo-Polish film “No Means No”


Popular singer Hariharan has revealed that he enjoys singing songs in the upcoming Indo-Polish film “No Means No”, directed by Vikash Verma, starring Dhruv Verma. Alongside Hariharan, Shreya Ghoshal has a song in the movie.

“‘No Means No is an international Polish Indian film, directed by Vikash Verma which stars Dhruv Verma in a lead role. Me and my son Akshay Hariharan made music for the film. It was a very interesting project with lots of fusion music and electronic background music done by Akshay. We loved working on this project, ”he said.

Singer-songwriter Hariharan thought the film’s score should have a distinctly European touch. base notes.

His son Mr. Akshay Hariharan is the music producer of ‘No Means No’. Karan Hariharan is also one of the film’s singers.

“No Means No is one of the most anticipated films, directed by Vikash Verma, starring Dhruv Verma and a host of great actors. I am very privileged to be the music producer and composer of this film. was a great experience because a lot of hard work was done and a lot of advice from Hari Ji was given to me. It is basically a fusion of Indian, European, electronic music and all kinds of different musical genres. Hope we have done him justice, “says Akshay Hariharan.

The film is mainly shot in the locations and the freezing climate of Poland. The film has an ensemble cast including Gulshan Grover, Deep Raj Rana, Sharad Kapoor, Dhruv Verma, Natalia Bak, Anna Guzik, Slywia Czech, Pawel Czech, Jersey Handzlik, Nazia Hassan, Anna Ador and Kat Kristian.

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