New music from Antique, Netta, Cleo and more

The 2022 Eurovision season is in full swing and no doubt fans will have songs from this year’s contest on repeat until we run for a winner in May. But that doesn’t mean we’re forgetting artists from past contests – they still bring us plenty of new music to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth of killer song contest careers, we’re still thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are on the rise.

Here’s our latest weekly roundup with a selection of some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music inom Eurovision Artists: 2022 | Week 14

Antiquity – “Ti Ti”

that happens !!! Greece’s Eurovision 2001 act came together after almost 20 years. The duo, which includes 2005 Eurovision champion Helena Paparizou as well as Nikos Panagiotidis, have released new single “Ti Ti”. This is a cover of the 1992 hit by Giorgos Alkaios, who himself represented Greece at Eurovision in 2010. Antique updates the song for now and serves us a catchy Greek pop song for their return.

Cleo – “Mniej znaczy więcej”

After some major delays, Cleo’s album vinyLova should finally be with us shortly. Meanwhile in recent weeks, the Polish Eurovision 2014 star has released a new single from the LP. “Mniej znaczy więcej” (“Less is more”) is a happy pop song about taking things slow and enjoying every moment as it goes: “Sometimes less is more / I listen with my heart, I don’t want to miss a day. ”. The song was included on the soundtrack of the upcoming Polish film Detektyw Bruno (Detective Bruno), and therefore the clip includes excerpts from the film.

Benjamin Ingrosso & Moonica Mac – “Till slutet av augusti”

Benjamin Ingrosso continues to combine music and gastronomy. In the latest episode of by Benjamin, the Eurovision 2018 star had the chance to sing alongside fellow Swede Moonica Mac. The couple performed a duet version of Moonica’s song “Till slutet av augusti” (“Until the end of August”). It’s a faithful rendition of the original, keeping the melody smooth and sweet. The lyrics are addressed to someone leaving their lover, with Benjamin and Moonica suggesting they’ll regret the decision: “It’s kinda sad that even though you have a choice/ You don’t see my kindness as something that you want to keep / One day you’ll feel that life has passed you by / Then you’ll regret that we weren’t / And that hurts me a little”.

Netta – “I love my nails”

“Foolishly wasted the top of my climax on you / You’ll never love me like I love you / Baby, I don’t care ’cause me, I love my nails”. Netta puts herself first, or more accurately, puts her nails first. The Israeli Eurovision 2019 winner released an entire song on her decorated fingers. Although at first glance the lyrical content may seem strange, there is a personal meaning within it for Netta:

“Loving your nails is a metaphor for loving yourself. Painting and building my nails is self-care for me. It helped me this year with rejection and put some color back into my life. I paint a picture of me on it. “put my heart on my sleeve”, they say, so I put mine on my nails. When I was young, I used to go with my mother to the beauty salon. Beauticians are the best therapists , if you didn’t know. The process of building her nails was actually rebuilding each week. This ritual became her medicine for her, and I imagine it runs in the family. Show up for you. Love your nails. Love yourself. Hope you like this song.

zalagasper feat. Black panda – “carta”

Eurovision fans know all about how to make friends with other people around the world. And international friendship is what zalagasper celebrates in his new indie pop song “carta”. Slovenian Eurovision 2019 representatives teamed up with Spanish duo Blackpanda for the single. Singing from their respective countries, they go back and forth, discussing how they can keep their friendship alive from such a distance: “Don’t forget me, I’m writing you a letter / Reading your letters, I keep every moment / And when we meet, we will share our happiness”.

Elina Nechaeva – “Ave Maria”

No, Elina Nechayeva does not cover Schubert’s classic song. This is a brand new classic piece with the same title. Although once you know the lyrics to the title, you know the lyrics to the entire song – the Estonian Eurovision 2018 star sings the Catholic prayer on a loop for three minutes while accompanied by a string quartet. Speaking of the song, Elina’s notes:

“This marvelous piece, composed by the talented Oleg Vrona, is true medicine for the soul in these troubled and dark times. The beautiful Ave Maria soothes the stressed mind and shows light even in the darkest hour.”

Ben Cristovao & Marcell – “Nevim”

Eurovision 2021 star Ben Cristovao has teamed up with Marcell for the single “Nevim” (“I don’t know”). The Czech artists deliver a pop rock offering that also has an added rap element thanks to Ben’s verse. Lyrically, Ben and Marcelll discuss the difficulty of finding one’s way in life: “And I just don’t know where I am in this story / Whether it’s the beginning of the sentence or the last letter / And I never know who I really am / I don’t know, I don’t know”.

Beth & Laura Andrés – Natural Woman

After a string of singles, Spanish singer Beth and pianist Laura Andrés have now released their joint album Natural Woman. It features ten covers, including their recent releases “Time After Time”, “One of Us” and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. These are all stripped down renditions of the original songs, with Beth usually singing only with Laura’s piano accompaniment.

MIRO & Pavell – “Bez limit”

Bulgarian Eurovision 2010 singer MIRO joins Pavell for new single “Bez limit” (“No limit”). It’s an R&B-rap offering, with MIRO singing the chorus while Pavell delivers rap verses in between. MIRO notes in the music video’s comments that he was initially unsure about collaborating, as he thought Pavell sang the chorus well on his own. But Pavell insisted and the duo ensued.

Vlado Kalember & Srebrna Krila feat. Ana Rucner and Darko Capo – “Ana”

Three Eurovision acts unite for this next song – Vlado Kalember (Yugoslavia 1984), his band Srebra Krila (Yugoslavia 1988) and cellist Ana Rucner (Bosnia and Herzegovina 2016). They are also joined by singer Darko Capo for a new cover of the song “Ana”. It was originally published by Srebrna Krila in 1978 (when Vlado Kalember was the lead singer) and it became a hit for the band. This new duet version brings additional harmonies, while Ana Rucner enriches the instrumentation.

Emma Muscat & Twin Melody – “CIAO”

If you’ve only discovered Emma Muscat through the MESC and Eurovision 2022, you might be surprised to discover that her usual style of music is quite different from the songs she presents at competitions. Instead, the Maltese singer is known for her catchy pop songs, like her recent collaboration with Spanish duo Twin Melody. The trio presents “CIAO,” an eye-catching offering that gets us in the mood for the summer sun.

Pr. Rob Galéa feat. Michela – “Welcome Here”

Michela takes us to church – the Catholic Church in particular. Malta’s Eurovision 2019 representative was recently featured on ‘Welcome Here’ by Roman Catholic priest Fr. Rob Galéa. It was used as the official chant for Pope Francis’ visit to Malta in early April. Michela and Fr. Rob Galea welcome both the Pope and God to the country: “You are welcome here / May your love rain down / In our hearts again”.

Moran Mazor – “שבע”

Moran Mazor hopes to find a partner who will take him on a romantic vacation. In her new single “שבע” (“Seven”), the Israeli Eurovision 2013 star sings about the desire to receive genuine affection, which she can also reciprocate: “So maybe you’ll come to me at seven ? / I cooked us a meal, buy me a good wine / And when will you take me out into the wild? / A romantic holiday in the north, what more could you ask for? “. Musically, the song is a delicate piano ballad with Moran’s emotive delivery at its heart.

Boris Novković & Ja’Smin – “E, moj brate”

Croatian Eurovision 2005 star Boris Novković collaborated with Ja’Smin for the new song “E, moj brate” (“Well, my brother”). The duo delivers a soft rock track with particular use of acoustic guitar. Speaking of the song, Boris said it “describes the spirit and pulse of the times we live in and all that the world has been through in recent years”.

Konstrakta – “Noble” and “Mekano”

These songs will not be new for Konstrakta fans. During Pesma za Evroviziju 22the Serbian singer uploaded TRIPTIH, a triptych of music videos that included his Eurovision 2021 entry “In Corpore Sano”. The other two songs were “Nobl” and “Mekano”. In case you missed them, these two songs are now available on streaming services for your listening pleasure.

Which of these new songs is your favorite? Did we miss any? Do you have any artists you would like to thank? Let us know in the comments.

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