Soon the sound of Indian musical instruments for vehicle horns: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari

Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said on Monday that he plans to pass a law under which only the sound of Indian musical instruments can be used as a horn for vehicles. Gadkari said he also studied the sirens used by ambulances and police vehicles and replaced them with a more pleasant melody broadcast on All India radio. Gadkari said he has put an end to the red beacons.

“Now I also want to end these sirens. Now I study sirens (used by) ambulances and police. An artist composed an Akashwani tune and it was played early in the morning. “Using setting up ambulances to make people feel good. It’s so irritating, especially after ministers have passed, sirens are used at full volume. It also hurts your ears,” he said.

“I am studying this and soon plan to make a law that the horns of all vehicles must be in Indian musical instruments so that they are pleasant to hear. Flute, tabla, violin, mouth organ, harmonium,” Gadkari said.

The Union Minister said the new Mumbai-Delhi highway worth Rs 1 lakh crore is already under construction, but passes through Bhiwandi and reaches the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust – the outskirts of Mumbai. Gadkari said the ministry is already building a highway over Vasai Creek. He said that as the then PWD Minister of Maharashtra, he could not tie Bandra-Worli to Vasai-Virar.

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Posted on: Monday 04 October 2021 11:20 IST

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