The Eurovision winner has raised $900,000 to supply drones to the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Ukrainian rap group Kalush Orchestra has raised $900,000 to help the country with its current problem.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 winner has auctioned off his trophy to a well-known cryptocurrency platform so they can provide drone systems to soldiers.

Eurovision champion helps Ukrainian soldiers

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Eurovision winner Kalush Orchestra donates money he received from an auction. Profits will be used to buy drones for the Ukrainian army.

For those unfamiliar with the band, Kalush Orchestra, a rising group of singers based in Ukraine, had a brilliant idea to help their people cope with the current crisis.

The band sealed the deal during the recent Eurovision Song Contest when they performed their hit song ‘Stefania’. The song won the hearts of many fans who support both the band and Ukraine.

According Bloombergcrypto exchange Whitebit successfully bought the crystal microphone trophy that the group won.

At the end of the auction, Kalush Orchestra was able to collect $900,000 in reward. In addition to this, Whitebit also purchased the NFT version of the Eurovision crystal microphone.

In a Publish by Oleh Psiuk, the leader of the group, they wanted to raise 1 million euros for a cause: the purchase of three PD-2 drone systems that will help Ukrainian soldiers.

“Our auction has become so big. There are hundreds of people offering to help with distribution, donations and organizational issues! Ukrainians are cool,” Oleh wrote in Ukrainian on his official IG account. .

At the time of this writing, the auction has already generated more than 1.12 million euros or 1.2 million dollars.

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Kalush Auctions Pink bucket hat for extra donation

In a separate report from Fortune, Psiuk held another auction different from the previous one with Whitehat. This time, the leader of the Kalush Orchestra placed his iconic pink bob to the bidders.

According to him, he was able to raise $370,000 for this event. The winner of the article would be from the Czech Republic.

For the selection of the lucky winner, Psiuk randomly chose the anonymous winner from a pool of people who donated to the event.

At the time, the largest amount from a single donor was nearly $2,200. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to a charity run by Serhiy Prytula, a famous Ukrainian TV personality.

The organization also assists the country in providing military tools to the armed forces. Prytula recognized what Kalush did for Ukraine. He said the Eurovision trophy now belongs to the crypto community.

While many fundraising sites for Ukraine have been approved, some platforms have suspended them. For example, Patreon had taken down a website related to Ukraine.

Tech Times reported that the site was collecting donations for soldiers. The charity behind the fundraiser said it donates body armor and medical supplies to armies.

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