Thessaloniki Documentary Festival’s Agora announces this year’s winners

– Taking place both on-site and online, the industrial component of the Greek festival has returned to “business as usual” with a handful of award-winning projects

All of this year’s Agora Docs winners

The Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (TDF) Agora Docs has announced its winners, while the market will continue its initiatives and activities until the end of the festival itself (March 20). This year, Agora Docs took place as a hybrid event that took place both in physical spaces in Thessaloniki and online, with more than 210 international guests present on site and 50 online, thus giving a clear sign that the industry is ready to get back to “business”. as per usual”.

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At Thessaloniki Pitching Forum, TDF’s co-production and co-financing platform for creative and TV documentaries, as well as new media documentaries (using both virtual and augmented reality), the international jury was made up of Krishan Arorainternational content consultant, SBS Australia; Stephanie Fuchs, Festival Manager for Autlook Filmsales; and Greek director Angelos Kovotso. They have chosen harvest moondirected by Rama Ayasra and produced by Mariam Salim (New Productions) and Asmahan Bkeratas winner of the €2,000 Thessaloniki Pitching Forum Award, as it “promised a cinematic language to tell what may seem like a small story, but has global relevance”.

greek director Dimitris Gkotsisit’s Hollowwhich is produced by Mina Dreki (Marni Films), received the ERT – Thessaloniki Pitching Forum Award of €2,000, for a Greek project in the selection, because “the multi-layered story, the exciting visuals and the character-driven approach indicate all a film that can immerse audiences in reality both above and below the surface.This is a film that needs to be made now.

The DAE (Documentary Association of Europe) prize, offering consultations and free DAE membership, was awarded to the Italian-American project The floating world by Fernando Souza, which “invites us into a fascinating world to discover a complex character on a journey to find and redefine his own identity, and explore the protective shields he has built to survive”. greek filmmaker Steve Krikrisit’s super paradise received the digital services award from Aylon Productions, which will donate the digitization of the film, as the director was said to have “a genuine passion for finding films and videos from around the world that reveal both the story of a paradise lost and the people who shaped it.

The Beldocs prize was awarded to Caution, risk of falling exposures! by Slovak directors Jana Durajova and Lena Kusnierikova, as it “reflects on the process of change and the necessity of culture, and does so with a patient approach in the best traditions of observational documentary”. At the same time, the Mediterranean Film Institute (MFI) Prize, which offers an MFI Script2Film Workshop DocLab grant of €2,000, as well as accommodation on the islands of Nisyros and Rhodes, where the MFI workshop takes place, has been assigned to Honeydew by Marco Bergonzi and Michael Petrolini“a very attractive project, with strong international potential, supported by a young, talented and promising team”.

In the Docs in Progress section, the jury was composed Martin Horynaprogrammer at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival; Phèdre Vokali, producer at Late Bloomers; and Jeffrey Winter, distributor at The Film Collaborative. They awarded the 2|35 post-production award to λesvia, The story of Eressosdirected and produced by Tzeli Hadjidimitriou (Anemos Dimiourgias), for “the important role it can play in recognizing and preserving LGBT history, and the inspiration it can provide for generations to come”. The project also received the Onassis Cinema Award, with a cash prize of €5,000, a new distinction aimed at supporting the Greek industry.

Citizen Mikodirected by Czech filmmaker Robin Kvapil and produced by Martina Strunc (Silk Films), received the Music and Sound Services Award from the MuSou Music Group. The Greek Film Center Award, endowed with €3,000, was awarded to #METISOFIA by director Vania Turner, as it “highlights an important topic that has prompted social and political change in contemporary Greece. This is a change we would like to see spread and create accountability.

The Neaniko Plano Subtitling Prize was awarded to The room of love by the Macedonian filmmaker-producer Suzana Dinevsky“for its cinematographic side and the access to a difficult subject in a region that is not often in the spotlight, in a language that we do not often hear on screen, which made us want to see this finished film”.

Finally, Paradiddle Pictures’ Guidance Award, providing guidance on distribution, festivals, outreach and the impact of a project from the Agora Lab section, will be announced on Saturday along with the festival’s main awards.

Here is the full list of winners:

Thessaloniki Pitching Forum Awards

Thessaloniki Pitching Forum Awards
harvest mood – Rama Ayasra (Jordan)
Producer: Mariam Salim (New Productions)
Co-producer: Asmahan Bkerat

ERT – Thessaloniki Pitching Forum Award
Hollow – Dimitris Gkotsis (Greece)
Producer: Mina Dreki (Marni Films)

DAE Prize (Documentary Association of Europe)
The floating world – Fernando Souza (Italy/USA)
Producer: Mo Scarpelli (Rake Films)
Co-producer: Jorge Thielen Armand (La Faena Films)

Aylon Productions Digital Award
super paradise – Steve Krikris (Greece)
Producer: Paul Typaldos (Filmiki Productions)
Co-producer: Dafni Kalafati

Beldocs Prize
Caution, risk of falling exposures! – Jana Durajova, Lena Kusnierikova (Slovakia)
Producers: Zuzana Mistrikova, Lubica Orechovska, Arkaitz Basterra (PubRes)

MFI Doc Lab Script 2 Film Workshop Award
Honeydew – Marco Bergonzi, Michael Petrolini (Italy/Sweden)
Producer: Simone Catania (Indyca)
Co-producer: Costanza Julia Bani (Fellonica Film)

Docs in Progress Award

2|35 Post-Production Award
λesvia, The story of Eressos – Tzeli Hadjidimitriou (Greece)
Producer: Tzeli Hadjidimitriou (Anemos Dimiourgias)

Music and Sound Services Awards by MuSou Music Group
Citizen Miko – Robin Kvapil (Czech Republic)
Producer: Martina Strunc (Silk Films)

Greek Film Center Award
#METISOFIA – Vania Turner (Greece)
Producers: Onassis Culture, Maria Sidiropoulou, Amanda Livanou

Neaniko Plano Subtitling Award
The room of love – Suzana Dinevski (North Macedonia)
Producer: Suzana Dinevski (Suzi Kju Production)
Co-producers: Vladimir Stojcevski (Award Film and Video), Bonnie Bojana Dinevski (Suzi Kju Production)

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